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This 5 hour 40 minute audio course is a comprehensive step-by-step course that starts from the beginning, showing you exact strategies to turn more prospects into real paying customers. No stone gets left unturned and all strategies and techniques are revealed to help you to succeed.

In Turning Traffic Into Gold you will learn:


Why it's important to foster certain habits in your web site visitors so that you make more money from each person.

Why your visitors will be intrigued if you simply present them with something interesting and new.

Why you must understand and respond to the unconscious desires and needs of your web site visitors.

Why a visitor's greed is so critical to making the sale.

Why making visitors feel special will increase your sales and your profits.

Why you must connect with your web site visitors on a deeper level if you want them to spend lots of money.

How you can provide extra value so that the visitor will feel obligated to make a purchase.

How you can use the right words and right phrases to simply and clearly encourage your visitors to spend their money with you.

How curiosity can be the most powerful sales tool at your disposal.

And much much more...


These Audios and Ebooks are unlike any other resource because the information contained is 100% real, tested, and proven to help you generate more sales. Once you discover how easy it is to put these techniques into action you'll be astounded at how quickly you start to see results.

12 Listen And Learn Audio Sessions To Guide You To Successfully

Learn How to Turn More Prospects Into Customers

Volume 01

Audio 01


Slip Into The Grove, Mesmerize With Something New, And Mine Your Sales Prospects Unconscious Desires.


Volume 01

Audio 02

Spot The Flaws First, Convert Problems Into Opportunities, and Engage Participation And Pride Of Ownership.


Volume 01

Audio 03


Be Authentic To Engender Trust, and Enchant With Stories.


Volume 01

Audio 04


Flaunt Your Expertise, AND Prove The Product's True Worth.


Volume 02

Audio 01


Prime The Buyer's Greed Glands, and Impact Their Emotions.


Volume 02

Audio 02


Go Beyond The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Walk The Logic Labyrinth, and Spur Their Passion For Collecting.


Volume 02

Audio 03


Treat Them Oh So Special, Tell Them It's Urgent, and Gain Trust With Your Credentials.


Volume 02

Audio 04


Make It Cozy And Familiar, and Connect Them With Their People.


Volume 03

Audio 01


Add A Touch Of Guilt, Stir Their Curiosity, and Embrace Simplicity.


Volume 03

Audio 02


Harmonize To Mutual Agreements, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.


Volume 03

Audio 03


Blend In With The Marketplace, and Exact The Facts.


Volume 03

Audio 04


Work Up Their Satisfaction Level, Cozy Up Like Family, and Hope For Better Things To Come.


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252 different Ecovers in different sizes and in JPG and PNG format.

15 Day Ecourse To load up your autoresponder.

36 Sold Email Ads.

30 Articles. (Over 450 words each)



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